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Rhythm, Movement, & Music | Ages 2-4

This is a parent supported class. Parent must participate in the class. It is a lot of fun! With lots of songs, moving our bodies to music, learning about how animals, and sea creatures move, playing with musical instruments and dance related games, both kids and parents are engaged and bond!

Beginners Intro To Dance Ages 5-9

This is an introduction to fun cross cultural dance styles and music that involve beginners level footwork and movement. We incorporate strength, flexibility, stamina, and balancing exercises as well as mind-body-energy time.

Advanced Level Dance Class Ages 10-15

This is for any child that has previous dance experience and loves to dance! The emphasis is on learning different cultural dance with challenging dance routines and choreography.

Boys Dance Classes

This class may be a Boys Only class or a co-ed class based on availability and space. This is an amazing way to introduce boys to the performing arts through dance movement and gain strength, flexibility, stamina, and build courage.

Adult Classes

Are you an adult and/or teenager that would like to try out dance? This class is for both beginners and experienced adults and older teens that would like to learn various dance styles and fun routines and keep that momentum going.

Virtual/Remote Classes

Virtual/Remote classes may be offered on an individual or group basis based on need. This option may involve additional fees due to the complexity and time/energy involved.

All levels starting from Beginners up to Adult classes have the opportunity to perform at major events and arenas such as WNBA and NBA halftime shows!

Off site options may be accommodated if there are a minimum of five students in a location and a teacher is available.

All classes will be held in the BollyNatyam Masala dance studio in Great Falls, VA. If you are interested in joining a class and would like to request a class for other days or times or a specific type of class (e.g. boys only class), please contact the school. We will try our best to accommodate based on the Director’s availability. A minimum of five students are required for each class.

Please contact us to learn more!